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Everything you need to know about water features found in my blog, daily tips, how to's, articles, and videos

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No matter how big or small I truly love building water features, and do a limited amount of design/builds each year - Davin Paul

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Everything you need from start to finish for ponds, waterfalls, fountains, lake management, hydroponics,  and rainwater harvesting

Shop For Water Garden Supplies and Products

Water Garden Supply Kit - pond suppliesGood News! If you are looking for information or water garden supplies for a Diy water feature from a field-proven contractor you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of water garden products and can help with:

  • Water Gardens
  • Backyard Koi Ponds
  • Pond Free Waterfalls
  • Decorative fountains
  • Formal fountains
  • Small container ponds
  • Lake management
  • Water treatments
  • Rainwater harvesting

How-to Information & Products For Any Diy Water Feature

Here you will find in depth how-to information. The site is regularly updated by Davin Paul. Davin is a professional pond contractor and founder of

Having someone like Davin who is in the trench's regularly building water features using water gardening supplies will help save you time, money, and guide you in installing your project correctly the first time.

Expert help that is always available from a passionate pro will make the difference from a hole in your backyard filled with algae and rocks to a jaw dropping, easy to take care of water feature.

Water Garden Supply Website That's Packed With a Variety of Water Garden Products and Brands

As a online website and contractor we stock an extensive inventory of pond supplies and water garden accessoires for do-it-yourself enthusiasts to choose from for every budget and project:

Current Brands: American Pond, Alpine, Applied Biochemists, Biologic PerformanceCygnet Enterprises, Inc. Lake Products, Pondmaster/Danner, Davin Paul Designs, Earth Way, Easy Pro Pond Products, Anjon, Farm Innovators Pond Deicers, Rio, Little Giant, Cal Pump, Shinmaywa, Firestone Pond Liner Supplies (Firestone website), Atlantic Water Gardens, ViaAqua, Fountain Pro Pumps, Microbe-lift, Supreme-Hydroponics, P3 Pump Amp Meters, Savio Engineering, Aquatop, William Lim Corporation, and more!

Current Products:

Fountain Kits and Supplies

Fountain Kits & Supplies

Atlantic Colorfalls Waterfall Kits & Parts
Fountain Basins by Atlantic
Fountain Basins Eco-Series by EasyPro
Fountain Basins Pro-Series by EasyPro
Rio Pond with Fountain Head Kits
Statuary & Fountain Kits - EasyPro
Vianti Falls Kits - EasyPro
Vianti Falls Spillways, Fire Burner, LED Strip, Cable & Splitters
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Fountain Pumps & Tubing

Aquasis Statuary Pumps
Carry Large Fountain Pumps
Fountain Pro Pumps
Kink Free Pipe For Fountains
The Fountain Pump - By Danner
AquaTop Fountain Pumps *Coming Soon
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond & Waterfall Kits

DIY Pond Kits - Davin Paul Designs
DIY Waterfall Kits - Davin Paul Designs
DIY Waterfall Kits - EasyPro
Pro Pond Kits - Davin Paul Designs
Pro Waterfall Kits - Atlantic
Pro Waterfall Kits - Davin Paul Designs
Pro Waterfall Kits - EasyPro
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond & Waterfall Pumps

Direct Drive Pond Pumps
Mag Drive Pond Pumps
External Pond Pumps
Replacement Foam Filters
Pump Accessories
Replacement Impellers
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Care & Maintenance

Pond De-Icers / Heaters
Pond Netting
Pond Aeration - Air Pumps
Cal Pump - Power Control Center
Pond Cleaning Systems
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Water Treatments & Testing

Beneficial Pond Bacteria - Dry and Liquid
Liquid Barley Straw Extract for Pond Algae
Natural Oxygen Based Pond Debris Remover
Dechlorinator ? Pond Chlorine Remover
Active Carbon - For Tea Colored Pond Water
Pond Salt for Koi and Fish
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Liner & Underlayment

Firestone 45 Mil Rubber Pond Liner
EasyPro Integra 30 Mil Rubber Pond Liner
Pond Underlayment
Pond Armor - EasyPro Epoxy Pond Shield
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Lake & Pond Management

Lake Water Treatments
Aquatic Weed Control
Aquatic Rakes & Sprayers
Lake Aeration
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Plumbing Pipe & Fittings

PVC Flexible Pond Tubing - Black
Kink Free Pipe for Small Ponds
PVC Primer and Cement For Water Feature Fittings
Bulkhead Water Feature Fittings
Ball Valves For Water Features
Check Valves For Water Features
Pond Bottom Drains
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Filters and Media

Biological Waterfall Filters for Ponds
UV Clarifier and Sterilizers
Pressure Filters for Ponds
Pump Pre-Filters & Socks
Filter Media & Mats
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond & Fountain Foggers

Floating Misters/Foggers
Submersible Misters/Foggers
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Garden Decorations and Statuary

Garden Decorations and Statuary
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Installation Tools

EPDM Pond Liner Install & Repair Tools
Black Waterfall Foam
Auto Fill Water Level Valves
Black Silicone Sealant for Ponds
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Skimmers

DIY EasyPro Eco-Series Pond Skimmers
DIY Atlantic Pond Skimmers
Pondmaster Pond Skimmers
Pro-Series Atlantic Pond Skimmers
Pro-Series EasyPro Pond Skimmers
Axiom Pond Skimmers - EasyPro
Satellite Pond Skimmers
Extension Tube - EasyPro Skimmers
Savio Skimmers
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Lighting Supplies

Economy Pond Lighting
LED Pond and Waterfall Lighting
Solar Powered Pond Lights
Outdoor Garden Lighting
Pond Lighting Transformers
Lighting Connectors For Pond Lights
Atlantic Colorfalls Lighted Waterfall
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Pond Predator Control

Heron Decoy Statue For Pond Fish Protection
Floating Alligator Decoy To Deter Pond Predators
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Waterfall Spillways & Supplies

Vianti Falls Spillways - EasyPro
Atlantic Colorfalls Spillways
Water Storage Blocks for Basins
Black Waterfall Foam
Auto Fill Valve By Atlantic Water Gardens
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Collapsible Rain Barrel - Atlantic
Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter
Fountain Kits and Supplies

Hydroponics Supplies

Pondmaster Supreme Hydroponics
Microbe Life Hydroponics

Featured Products
2" ID X Per Foot - Flexible Pond Tubing
Your Price: $4.50
Complete 24
Complete 24" Colorfalls Waterfall Kit
Your Price: $1,051.14
Via Aqua 302 Submersible Fountain Pump - 130 GPH
Via Aqua 302 Submersible Fountain Pump - 130 GPH
Your Price: $18.99
WT65 Fountain Pro Submersible Pump
WT65 Fountain Pro Submersible Pump
Your Price: $19.99
WT75 Fountain Pro Submersible Pump
WT75 Fountain Pro Submersible Pump
Your Price: $14.99

An Honest Pond Contractor With Fair Pricing and Speedy Shipping

It's a fact of life that you get what you pay for, and while there may be cheaper prices to found on online water garden products they usually come with poor support and service. Here you will get the pleasure of terrific service and support from a professional contractor with full throttle shipping on all your products.

Put us to the test. We're ready to prove everything we claim. Please browse our online water garden supplies and other items available and we look forward to assisting you further.

Davin Paul Pond ProDavin Paul is a designer / artist with the International Professional Pond Companies Association(IPPCA) that builds a limited amount of custom water features each year. Davin has a passion for helping people create their own works of art and backyard paradises. And at the same time trying to help improve the world we live in by giving back to people less fortunate and the environment.

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