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    1.5" ID X 25' Foot Roll - Flexible Pond Tubing

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    High Quality Black Flexible Pond Pipe

    1.5" ID X 25 Foot Roll of Flexible PVC pond tubing. Which is now the current standard in pond building. Some advantages of using black flexible pvc pond pipe are;

    • It has a strong memory which means it will straighten out very easily versus other pond plumbing like Poly pipe.
    • Flexible pipe can handle sharp turns and corners without a sharp 90 degree fitting. This giver you better pump performance by adding less head pressure.
    • Flex pipe will expand and contract with seasonal changes in winter and summer.

    Black Flexible PVC Pond Piping Features:

    • Temp range: -14F to +150F
    • Type of reinforcement: Rigid PVC helix
    • Construction: Smooth inside and outside non-restricting tubing that can be used with Sch. 40 Fittings
    • Color: Black
    • Installation: Can be connected with any PVC glue and used in above and below ground installations.
    • Length- 25 Feet

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