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    115 Volt Amp Meter for Pumps

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    115v Amp Meter for Pond Pumps

    If you have ever had to deal with pond pumps issues you will know that having something to easily troublesoot the issue is very valuable. Whether you do pond installation or pond maintence its a great tool to have in your toolbox.

    This 115v amp meter will give you the amp draw the pump is drawing under its current load.

    A "MUST" Have for Pond Installers:

    • Works on any 115 volt water feature pump with up to a 15 amp maximum draw
    • Gives you an accurate reading of watts, amps, volts, and hertz by simply plugging into the outlet, and then plug the pump into the amp meter
    • Can help you calculate your electrical cost for running your pump each day, weekly, monthly, or yearly
    • Helps verify that the proper voltage is being supplied to the pump. Which is a common cause of early pump failure caused by voltage drops, etc. (a 115v pump motor should have generally between 109 - 121 volts at the outlet)

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