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    17" Spillway Atlantic FilterFalls Waterfall Biofilter

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    Atlantic BF1250 FilterFalls DIY Bio Waterfall Box

    Besides allowing you to create a beautiful waterfall the Atlantic BF1250B Do It Yourself FilterFalls will help filter your water garden. The filter mats and bio media provide good biological filtration that will help balance your ponds ecosystem.

    The Filter Falls works by using the pond pump to push the water from the bottom of the Filter Falls through the bio tech filter mats and media to the spillway weir where it can then cascade and create that awesome looking waterfall.

    The Atlantic DIY FilterFalls is installed in ground and can easily be hidden by placing stone around and on the waterfall box. The filter mats and media are easy to access for periodic maintenance.

    BF1250 Atlantic FilterFalls Biological Waterfall Filter Features:

    • Model: BF1250B
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) 18"W x 22.5"D x 14"H
    • Waterfall Opening 17"
    • Container Capacity: 10 gallons
    • Max Pond Size: 2000 gallons
    • Max Pump Flow: 2,000-3,000 gph
    • Inlet: 1½" FPT
    • Black polyethylene Exterior features Lifetime Warranty
    • Open swirl chamber allow water to flow evenly and efficiently through filter mats and media
    • Match to Pond Skimmer: PS4000


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