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    21 x 26 Large Pro-Series Pond Kit - Davin Paul Designs

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    Standard Kit with Hybrid Pump
    7000 GPH Shinmaywa Pump [+$174.99]
    10,000 GPH Hybrid Pump - 11,000 GPH Skimmer - 48" Bio Waterfall Filter [+$225.00]
    11,000 GPH Direct Drive Pump - 11,000 GPH Skimmer - 48" Bio Waterfall Filter [+$325.00]

    Made in USA - Professional 21 x 26 Pond Kit

    It doesn't get any better then this 21' x 26' Pro-Series water garden kit. It works great and is easy to install so you can create a beautiful water garden in no time.

    The kit comes with only the highest quality components available. The pond skimmers and waterfall filters are American made and have a lifetime warranty! You wont be getting any cheaply made foreign parts with these kits. The underlayment is 25% thicker and stronger than in other pond kits.  Giving you a 400% increase against pond liner punctures over standard underlayment. You will also be getting the best pond liner out there, Firestone EPDM “fish safe” pond liner that features a 20 year warranty! No one does it better then Firestone when it comes to pond liner.

    The heart of water garden is the pump. These professional grade kits do not disappoint in this department either. They feature Shinmaywa Professional Pond and Water Garden Pumps. Shinmaywa pumps are reliable, tough, and super powerful. They come with a 2 year warranty and are creating a craze in the water garden industry. Or, a Hybrid Series mag drive pump that includes a 2 year warranty and energy efficient.

    Professional 21' x 26' Pond Kits Include:

    • Biological Waterfall - 38" Waterfall with Lifetime Warranty on body
    • Pond Skimmer - 8" Weir 7000 gph with Lifetime Warranty on body
    • 6100 GPH Hybrid Pump- 2 Year Warranty
    • 3" x 50' Flexible PVC Pipe
    • PVC Primer and PVC Cement
    • 3" Check Valve Assembly
    • Black Waterfall Foam 12oz
    • Liner Patch - 6" x 6" Square
    • 25' x 30' - Firestone fish safe Pond Guard 45 mil EPDM liner - 20 Year Warranty
    • 25' x 30' - Pond Underlayment
    • Premium Davin Paul Designs Starter Water Treatment Kit:
      • 8oz of Pond Dechlor - Each Dosing Crystal Treats 20 Gallons
      • 16oz of Dry Pond Bacteria - Treats 96,000 Gallons
      • 16oz of Liquid Barley Extract - Treats 16,000 Gallons
      • 32oz of Pond Debris Scrub - Treats 320 Sq. Feet
    • Tech support from me personally - A professional pond contractor
    • 10% of all profits on Davin Paul Designs products goes to Charity Water.

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