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    24' - 3 Leg Windmill Pond Aerator

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    24' Three Leg Windmill Aeration to Help Save You Money!

    This 3 leg windmill aerator is wind driven powered and can help you save $30-$50 dollars per month in electricity costs. So if you do the math in a couple years windmill aeration will pay for itself. This windmill is also great for aerating remote ponds which don't have electricity nearby.

    Features of the 3 Leg 24' Tall Windmill Aerator:

    • Designed with 3 legs
    • Overall height - 27'
    • Comes standard with 100' of poly tubing and diffuser
    • Optional quick sink tubing and diffuser
    • Can operate in low wind conditions as low as 5 miles per hour
    • 12 blades with 6' diamter head
    • Effectively aerates ponds up to 1000' from the pond edge with the use of extra poly tubing
    • Features over speed protection - tail section turns head in high winds to prevent over spinning
    • Contact use for details if you need a custom color

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