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    25' - Firestone Seam Tape For Pond Liner

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    Splice Liner Together With Seam Tape

    Firestone EDPM Rubber Pond Liner Seam Tape is your solution when you need to splice two pieces of rubber liner together. Whether you cut too much, or your pond is bigger then the pond liner sizes sold, seaming EPDM pond liner together with Firestone's seam tape works great.

    It is made out of a black rubber polymer and is sticky on both sides. This seam tape is 3” wide and can be used in combination with cover tape to help protect the seam even more.

    Use the Firestone Quickprime or LVOC Quickprime when doing either application above for best results.

    The Quickscrubber kit will give excellent primer application and the silicone roller will make sure you get the best adhesion possible.

    This roll of Firestone Quickseam Seam Tape is 25' long.  We also have 100' rolls available.

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