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    (50) Eight Ounce Packets of Pond-Vive by EasyPro

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    50 Water Soluble Packets (25 Lbs) of Pond-Vive Bacteria Water Treatment - EasyPro

    EasyPro Pond-Vive bacteria is a natural blend of bacteria that is safe for fish, pets, wildlife and family!

    Pond Vive is formulated specifically for pond and lake maintenance. It helps remove ammonia, nitrates, and phosphorus from the water. Also has other stands of bacteria that are designed for clearing up murky water from animals or plant wastes. At the same time reducing odors from those excess plant and animal wastes. Besides those bacteria strains Pond-Vive also works to reduce sludge on the bottom of the pond or lake.

    "I purchased Pond Vivde from a local supplier to help clear up my pond before my grand kids came to visist. After using Pond-Vive just three weeks the pond issues were gone and the swimming was great." - Paul K. Hampton, NY

    Features of Easy Pro Pond Vive:

    • Helps reduce sludge buildup
    • Get rid of pond odor
    • Eliminate harmful excess nutrients
    • Improves water clarity
    • Lowers oxygen demand

    Dosage Rates of Pond-Vive:

    For the greatest results Pond-Vive is recommended every 2 weeks when the pond or lake water temperatures are above 55 degrees. The amount of pond vive is dependant on conditions of the lake or pond.

    • New ponds with little "muck" - Use 4 lbs per surface acre / 2 weeks
    • Older ponds that have higher amounts of "muck" - Use 6 lbs per surface acre / 2 weeks

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