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8 oz Dry Pond DeChlorinator - Davin Paul Designs
8 oz Dry Pond DeChlorinator - Davin Paul Designs
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Remove Harmful Pond Chlorine With Dry Dechlorinator

When your install and new pond or do a clean out of an existing water garden it is a good idea to add my dry pond dechlorinator remover.

Pond dechlorinator remover gets the chlorine out from the tap water you use to fill your pond that could be harmful to aquatic plants, koi fish, and beneficial bacteria's.

This dry dechlorinator is a professional strength chlorine neutralizer. It provides fast acting results with the use of dosing crystals that will treat exactly the amount of water that is in your pond.

The crystals are better than a powder dechlorinator because the crystals are time released and each average sized Dosing Crystal treats 20 gallons of water!.

Will not leave any harmful residues in the pond water and is great for new ponds.

Davin Paul Designs Dry Pond Dechlorinator Specifications:

  • One (1) 8oz bottle treats 48,000 gallons.
  • Long shelf life (5 to 7 years) unlike liquid dechlor that could be expired by the time you get it.

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