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    8000 GPH Anjon Hybrid Monsoon Pump

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    Anjon Manufacturing Monsoon 8000 GPH Pump

    The 8,000 GPH Monsoon pump by Anjon is continuous duty rated and takes advantage of hybrid drive technology. Hybrid style pumps combine the power of direct drive pond pumps and mix it with the efficient magnetic drive pond pumps.

    Whats cool about this Monsoon hybrid pump is that they uses a asynchronous pump motor. Using this style motor gives you the ability to change the flow on your pump with a remote control. You can make the flow in your water feature super fast to create allot of sound, or slow it down to a peaceful trickle.

    Anjon Manufacturing MS-8000 Monsoon Pump Features:

    • Motor is engineered for 24 hour continuous duty use
    • Comes with a full 2 year warranty
    • Seals that are high quality for a long lasting and efficient pump life
    • Pump contains no oil to make it fish safe
    • Can be used inline, or with submersible applications
    • Can pass solids up to 1/4" in diameter with a vortex impeller for strong torque flow
    • Built in overload sensor shut-off protection to help keep your pump from overheating and burning out
    • Watts - 660
    • Max Head - 30'
    • GPH - 8,000
    • Power Cord Length - 30'
    • Output - 2"

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