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    Atlantic Eco-Rise Water Feature Riser

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    Atlantic Water Gardens Eco-Rise Water Feature Riser

    New to the water feature industry is the Atlantic Water Gardens Eco Rise. It is a super strong circular designed riser that is engineered to handle heavy fountains and give you more options. Whether it's a vase, statuary, column, or any other kind of decorative fountain the Eco-Rise riser will give you a stable and broad base on top of Atlantic Eco-Blox in your basin. And allows you to use bigger and taller water features that can handle more splash.

    The benefit of using the Atlantic Water Gardens Eco-Rise is that is allows you to keep your plumbing on top of the basin. This couple inches off the Eco-Blox allows all kinds of options when using the Triton 3-way diverter and Atlantic Oasis PV1700 pump vault.

    The Eco-Rise is designed to support 3000 lbs. and sit on top of Eco-Blox you can create any type of custom sized or shape basin. It is 20 inches in diameter and covers the four support posts of Eco-Blox fully distributing the weight evenly (Eco-Blox can support 14,000 lbs.).

    Features of the Eco-Rise:

    • Part Number - ECORISE20
    • Plumbing - 3/4 - 1-1/2"
    • Max Weight Load - 3000 Lbs.
    • Size - 20" L x 20" W x 3" H

    Video on Installation of the Atlantic Eco-Rise Water Feature Riser:

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