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    Atlantic Oasis Pump Vault

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    Atlantic Oasis Pump Vault for Pondless Water Features

    Works great with Atlantic Eco-Blox for easy basin construction.


    • Part Number: PV1700
    • Comes with a lid to keep debris and gravel from falling in the pump vault
    • Size: 12" D x 17" W x 22-1/2" H
    • Has a flat panel to be used with 1-1/2" pipe for the Eco-Rise
    • Flat panel also fits snug against Eco-Blox for a more compact design
    • Discharge: Step fitting sized for 1-1/2" and 2" pipe on both sides of pump vault
    • Pockets that are recessed works the the Triton 3-way diverter and Eco-Rise
    • Max Flow - 3,900 GPH
    • Size of Opening: 10"
    • Uses: Pondless Water Features like fountains, negative edge basins, statuary, pond less water falls
    • Free Shipping to U.S. Mainland only

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