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    Atlantic's Pond & Garden Protector

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    Atlantic Water Gardens Pond & Garden Protector's

    Pond nets have long been the best way to keep leaves and other debris out of your pond in the fall. This helps lower the amount of gases in the pond water during winter to help your fish stay healthy. Also, it makes for a easier spring start up.

    The issue that pops up sometimes with certain pond designs is when leaves or other debris builds up on the top of the netting it can actually sink into the surface of the water. This puts nutrients into the pond water as leaves decompose and it will throw the ecosystem off balance. This defeats using a pond net in the first place.

    So the key is to get the pond netting up into the air and away from the surface of the water. This also allows more room for pond plants.

    With the Altantic pond protector it has a domed design. With this sort of design the leaves will just fall to the sides of the dome rather than collecting on top and sinking down.

    The protectors are the best and easiest method for starting your new year with a healthy and clean pond with minimal prep in the spring.

    Features of the Atlantic Pond & Garden Protector Netting:

    • Ultra Pond Net Included
    • Base - Nylon
    • Center Receptor
    • (4) - Fiberglass Poles, (4) - 12' Tie-downs, (4) - Ground Stakes, (12) -Net Stakes, (8) -Net Clips
    • #PGPSM: Net Dome area covers - 7' x 9'
    • #PGPSM: Net Dome area covers - 7' x 9'

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