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    Atlantic Pro FastFalls Pump Vaults

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    Atlantic PV1800 Pump Vault [+$272.00]
    Atlantic PV1800 Pump Vault Extension [+$158.65]
    Atlantic PV2300 Pump Vault [+$405.12]
    Atlantic PV2300 Pump Vault Extension [+$156.25]

    Atlantic Pro FastFalls Pump Vaults

    The Atlantic Pro FastFalls pump vault works great for protecting and providing a easy access way to service and inspect your pump. Super tough one piece design that can handle multiple pumps and fast flow rates.


    • Flat panels for all for custom plumbing configurations
    • Pump discharge with cut lines
    • Height can be increased with vault extensions
    • Depth of your basin can be increased with using Eco-Blox and extensions




    Maximum Pump Flow


    Part #

    Atlantic PV1800 Pump Vault24" H x 18" W10,000 GPH14" DiameterPV1800
    Atlantic PV2300 Pump Vault30" H x 23" W15,000 GPH18" DiameterPV2300
    Atlantic PV1800 Pump Vault Extension15.5" H x 16.5" W-14" ExtensionPV18EXT
    Atlantic PV2300 Pump Vault Extension19.5" H x 21.5" W-17" ExtensionPV23EXT

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