Atlantic TidalWave2 Pumps

Posted by Administrator on 5/1/2013 to Pond Pumps

Atlantic TidalWave 2 Pumps

Atlantic Tidalwave 2 Hybrid Pumps

We just finished uploading the Atlantic TidalWave2 Pumps to the site. The Tidalwave 2 pumps are engineered for a energy efficiency on medium head, and high flow water features.

Features of the TidalWave2 Hybrid Pumps

  • 2 Year warranty from Atlantic
  • Long 32' power cord
  • Ceramic shaft that is "wear proof"
  • Vortex impeller
  • Epoxy sealed motor

They were made to fill a gap between mag drive an direct drive pumps. Tidalwave2 pumps give you both the power of direct drive pumps, and the energy efficiency of mag drive pumps.

Tidal Wave 2 pumps come in six different sizes:

  1. 1200 GPH - TW1200
  2. 1900 GPH - TW1900
  3. 2400 GPH - TW2400
  4. 3700 GPH - TW3700
  5. 4800 GPH - TW4800
  6. 6000 GPH - TW6000

We have included free shipping on all pumps and as the honest seller we are selling them at the minimum pricing by the manufacturer.