Blagdon Pond Monsta Reviews

Posted by Administrator on 3/28/2013 to Pond Vacuum Reviews
Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum

Blagdon Pond Monsta Review

The Blagdon Pond Monsta vacuum has been gaining popularity like crazy. In the past pond vacuums seemed like a good idea, but simply put they didn't work that well.

Pond Monsta has upped the game. After selling quite a few of these we finally got a review in from Mike J. from Florida.

"So far I am really liking the Pond Monsta. I tried some other vacs in the past.. and they didnt work that great. This thing really works!

The only things I could see improving would be an even longer extension. Mine goes pretty far, but I would like it to go further into the pond. I can not reach some spots and resort to putting rubber boots on and standing on the side of my pond.

Other than that I like that it recycles the water back into the pond and I don't have to keep filling up the pond. The only downside of this I can see is the pond gets pretty stirred up and the water gets murky. Although it does go away after a bit and clears back up.

Overall I am happy and thanks again!"

In the EasyPro catalog they feature a Pond Monsta review from Don Apol's Watergardens out of Caldonia. M:

"Finally! after 20 years, one that works. WIth multiple fish ponds and tanks to clean every week, in addition to customers ponds, we needed something that had a lot of power and wasn't too clumsy to use. I saved 45 minutes on a 2 hour job the first time I used the Pond Monsta! The first customer I lent it to had no problems and was very happy with the results."

If you haven't checked out the Pond Monsta here some specs:

  • 4x times faster than traditional pond vacs
  • Comes with a spare impeller
  • Started in Europe and have sold more that 15,000 units!
  • 7' handle that telescopes to extend out
  • For ponds with a bunch of sludge instead of re-filling into the pond you can pump the water into flower beds, lawns, etc. and refill the pond with clean water
  • Less noise than other pond vacuums
  • 40' long cord to allow you move around
  • Spare impeller included

Here is video showing the Pond Monsta in action:


We are looking for more Blagdon Pond Monsta reviews so please send them in if you can.

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