Calculate Pond Volume & Gallons of Water – Rectangular Pond

Posted by Administrator on 6/4/2011 to How To's

Need to Know How Many Gallons is in Your Pond?

Here is how to calculate pond volume and how many gallons of water you have in your pond. It varies with the shape and I am going to start off showing you what you need to know to do a rectangular pond shape.

Caluclate Volume Of Water In A Rectangular Pond

First you need to know that there are 7.5 gallons of pond water for every cubic foot of water. Once you know that.. all you really need to do is figure out the volume using an equation below and it will give you the amount of gallons.

Once you know how many gallons will be in your pond you can correctly size a pond pump, etc.

So here is the math. Lets use an example pond that is 20′ x 15′ with an average depth of 2′.

The pond formula – (Length x Width x Average Depth) So with our example we would do 20 x 15 x 2 = 600 cubic feet. Now that we have that all we need to do is multiple by 7.5 gal/cu. ft. and you get 4500 gallons of water in your pond.

When most people do the math and run the numbers they are amazed at how many gallons of pond water are actually in a water feature. Not only that but 4500 gallons is almost equal to 20 TONS of water!

If after all this you are still confused on how to figure out how many gallons of water are in your pond shoot me a email and I will do the math for you. I am here to help!

Stay tuned for calculating circular, large ponds and lakes, and irregularly shaped pond volume in upcoming posts.