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Hydroponics Gardening

Diy Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil in water with mineral rich nutrient solutions containing all the mineral elements needed.

Pondmaster Supreme Hydroponics
Pondmaster Supreme Hydroponics
Microbe Life Hydroponics
Microbe Life Hydroponics

Benefits of Diy Hydroponics:

They discovered Hydroponics back in the 18th century. In a plants natural condition the soil will become a mineral rich reservoir. But they discovered that the soil is not actually needed. Mineral nutrients in soil will dissolve into water and then the plant roots are able to use them. So hydroponics takes advantage of this and places mineral nutrients in the plant water and you can grow plants without soil!

You can use diy hydroponics supplies such as complete systems, pumps, kits, lights, and grow boxes with nutrients to get the nutrients to the roots. This will also give them needed oxygen.

You can use hydroponic gardening to extend the growing seasons and elimante herbicides, pesticides, increase yields, improve product quality, minimize groundwater contamination, and more!

Hydroponic Crops:

Hydroponic gardens can be used for fruits, tomatoes, vegetables, lettuce, bell peppers, herbs, flowers, and other types of plants.

Fun Fact About Hydroponics:

95% of North America's greenhouse vegetables are grown using hydroponics.

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