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    EasyPro All Season Liquid Pond Bacteria

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    EasyPro All Season Liquid Bacteria

    This EasyPro All Season Liquid Bacteria naturally promotes a healthy ecosystem with a time tested blend of beneficial pond bacteria. Helps reduce problem nutrients, reduce toxins, and clears murky water in koi ponds and water gardens. Provides excellent results without the nasty smell.

    Reduces; sludge, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate, and nitrate.

    When water temperatures drop below 45 degrees F. you can still use this bacteria to help keep pond water clear and clean.

    Safe for aquatic life, pets, wildlife, and fish.

    For Best Results Use With:

    • EasyPro Waterfall and Rock Cleaner
    • EasyPro Barley Extract


    • 2oz Treats 1,000 gallons.
    • Can be used in new ponds, or maintenance in existing ponds

    Easy Pro All Season Pond Bacteria SDS Sheet

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