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    4 Watt Small Pond Aerator / Deicer - EPA4

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    EasyPro Small Pond Aerator - EPA4

    You can use this Easy Pro pond aerator on small ponds that are 1500 gallons, or less for a great way to aerate, and get your pond water moving. It will increase the oxygen level in the water and help break down organic waster in your pond. This will give you clearer water and a overall healthier ecosystem. The EPA4 EasyPro Pond Aerator - Pond Deicer is very energy efficient and only uses 4 watts to operate. It is built with a linear compressor which was designed with very little moving parts.. and the less parts something has the less chance of something going bad. Simple installation.. as the aerator compressor is placed on the shore, or edge of pond, and is connected with tubing to the air diffusers which are on the pond bottom.

    Features of the EPA4 EasyPro Small Pond Aerator:

    • Designed to be continous duty and provides aeration in summer or deicing during the winter
    • Whisper quiet air compressor that is durable, and energy efficient
    • Only 4 watts required for operation with 115 volts
    • Will work in up to 5' deep water
    • Includes: 4 rolls of 30 feet of vinyl tubing, 4 air diffusers, and compressor
    • Works on small ponds 1500 gallons and under
    • Max air flow - CFM - .5
    • Built-in flow control on compressor
    • Length of Power Cord - 4 feet
    • Note: Compressors on the EPA4 Aerator need to be protected from the weather when used outdoors

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