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    EasyPro All-In-One Pond Package

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    EasyPro All-In-One Pond Package

    One easy package with the four most used EasyPro water treatments. Comes with four bottles of Water Conditioner, Liquid Barley Straw Extract, Water Clarifier, and All Season Bacteria (one each).

    Each package will treat up to a 8,000 gallons.

    Water Clarifier

    Attracts suspended particles clumping them together to allow settling outside of the water column. To clear murky water quickly.

    • Works best with Easy Pro Pond Bacteria
    • Formula is food grade

    Water Conditioner

    Aquatic life can be harmed by tap water. By using EasyPro Water Conditioner you will get rid of chloramines and neutralize chlorine safely. Also detoxifying and binding heavy metals.

    • In todays market this water conditioner is the most concentrated

    Barley Straw Extract

    Easy and fast to use versus messy pellets or barley bales. To ensure results it's seeded with bacteria in a all natural liquid formula that releases humid acids.

    • Provides clear and clean water

    All Season Bacteria

    Gets rid of nitrites, ammonia, phosphates, sludge and nitrates. Can be used in a large range of temperatures. Provides great results without the bad smell.

    • Reduces pond maintenance for a balanced and healthy ecosystem
    • Increases water clarity
    • Allows one product to be used in fall, summer, and spring. Working in water temperatures all the way down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

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