EasyPro Axiom Skimmer Listed in Product Area

Posted by Administrator on 4/11/2012 to General Information

The New EasyPro Axiom Pond Skimmer is Listed!

EasyPro Axiom Pond SkimmerI got the new Easy Pro Axiom pond skimmer listed in the products area and excited about it. This skimmer joins forces with biological pond filtration along with mechanical filtration.

With other pond skimmers you had to buy an additional bio waterfall filter. But, with this unit and a low fish count you can save your hard earned cash and use just a waterfall spillway.

Complete Filtration for Koi & Fish Ponds Up to 2000 Gallons

This skimmer as stated above has the biological pond water filter in it already and will give you complete filtration for up to 2000 gallons. Which roughly equals a 11x16 pond that is two feet deep with a waterfall and stream.

If you have a water garden without fish in it your pond filter does not have as much to handle and you can use the same Axiom skimmer on a pond that is double the size and up to 4000 gallons.

Uses Filter Brushes and Debris Net for Floating Pond Debris

I like that the Easy Pro filter/skimmer combo uses filter brushes instead of a filter mat.

EasyPro Axiom Pond Skimmer FIlter Close Up

I am partial to filter brushes because they are easier to maintain and still do a good job at keeping pond debris out.

If you have ever had a pond skimmer that had a horizontal filter mat on the bottom I am sure you will agree. To stick your had down there in the muck and then have to clean it out is kinda a pain. And water features are meant to be enjoyed..not a chore.

EasyPro designed all the componets in this skimmer for easy access without having to reach down into the murky water to clean it. The one peice aluminum debris net, brushes, biomedia chamber, and water feature pump chamber all is easily accessable.

Can Use the Easy Pro Extension Tube

Another cool thing about the Axiom skimmers is that you can still use EasyPro's extension tubes. The extension tubes allow you to postion the skimmer away from the pond edge to help give the pond a more natural look to it.

You can add some plants between the Axiom unit and the pond edge to really hide it, and is ideal if your water feature has concrete walls.

In Stock and Ready to Ship

I have all the sizes of the EasyPro Axiom pond skimmers (pictured here is the PSA3600D) in stock and ready to go.

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