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    EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults

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    EasyPro Mini Pump Vault [+$88.98]
    EasyPro Small Pump Vault [+$216.06]
    EasyPro Large Pump Vault [+$360.35]
    EasyPro Intake Tube for JAFM Small Vault [+$57.99]
    EasyPro Intake Tube for JAFV Large Vault [+$105.98]

    EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults

    The Easy Pro Pro Series pump vaults were designed to be installed and buries under rock. Heavy duty roto molded construction with slots in the sides that efficently let water into the pump vault.

    The mini pump vault works great in Just-A-Falls Waterfalls or any kind of custom pondless water feature basin. Can be used with the JAFME extension. Suited for mag drive pond pumps.




    Maximum Pump Flow

    Part #

    EasyPro Mini Pump Vault11-1/2" ID, 14-3/4" Tall x 13-1/2" OD3,000 GPHJAFT
    EasyPro Small Pump Vault16" L x 16" W x 22" H7,500 GPHJAFM
    EasyPro Large Pump Vault24" L x 24" W x 32" H18,000 GPHJAFV
    EasyPro Intake Tube for JAFM Small Vault30" L x 4" DiameterCan Add 2,500 GPHJAFM30
    EasyPro Intake Tube for JAFV Large Vault30" L x 8" DiameterCan Add 5,000 GPHJAFV30

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