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    EasyPro Pro-Series Waterfall Spillways

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    EasyPro Pro-Series Waterfall Spillways

    The Easy Pro Pro-Series waterfall spillways are easy to with a plastic grating just below water level. Super easy to install and can be enlarged by bolting spillways together to create massive waterfalls.


    • Can be installed without cutting the pond/waterfall liner
    • No drilling - Simply bolt them together
    • Create concave waterfalls with inward curving peices!
    • Create a peninsula with outward curving peices and have water spill off of three different sides
    • Create a ( S ) shape when you combine inward and outward spillways
    • Comes with dual bulkheads
    • Plumbing can be installed in either ends, or both with a plug included for non-used bulkheads
    • Straight spillways in sizes 18", 34" & 50" are assembled
    • Spillways over 50" and curved spillways are unassembled due to shipping
    • All spillways (straight, outward, and inward) are interchangeable



    Spillway Width

    Part Number

    18" EasyPro Straight Spillway - Assembled2" Inlet18"EWS18
    34" EasyPro Straight Spillway - Assembled2" Inlet34"EWS34
    50" EasyPro Straight Spillway - Assembled3" Inlet50"EWS50
    16" EasyPro Extension Straight-16"EWE16
    16" EasyPro Extension Inward-16"EWI16
    16" EasyPro Extension Outward-16"EWO16
    Right/Left Ends - Unassembled for 2" Pipe2"18"EWLR2
    Right/Left Ends - Unassembled for 3" Pipe3"18"EWLR3

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