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    EasyPro Seasonal Boost Package

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    EasyPro Seasonal Boost Package

    Dry and Liquid bacteria included in the EasyPro seasonal boost package helps with pond maintenance in the spring and fall when water temperatures drop under 55 degrees F. Enzymes and natural bacteria that are effective and safe included in the package help break down organic debris and leaves. Apply in the spring to help get your pond going for the summer. Apply in the fall to prepare for your ponds dormant phase in the winter.

    • Included in the pint size package is the Seasonal Boost liquid and 6 one oz. water soluble packets of the bacteria 
    • Included in the quart size package is the Seasonal Boost liquid and 12 one oz. water soluble bacteria packets that remove sludge


    • Water soluble packets can be thrown in the pond. The liquid product you can measure and pour in the pond. If desired the placement may be varied.


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