How to Choose a Direct Drive Pond Pump

Posted by Administrator on 12/18/2012 to Pond Pumps

Direct Drive Pump Waterfall Pic

Choosing a Direct Drive Pond Pump

A direct drive pond pump which can also be called induced pumps, use more electricity than a mag drive pond pump would but are less expensive.

They also usually have better lift for waterfalls and other water features that require high flow with high head. Most direct drive pond pumps are oil-filled because they use an electric motor to turn the impeller. Some people do not like the thought that oil could potentially leak into into the water, but nowadays most oil filled pump for pond applications on the market are well made and have greatly improved the risk of oil leakage.

If you are going to use a direct-driven pond pump it is important to remember a few key points. While there is no perfect foumula for choosing a pump, using some rough formulas along with some safe guards will help.

Some Questions to Ask When Selecting a Direct Drive Pond Pump

  • What is the GPH (gallons per hour)? Again remember you want a minimum of moving the total pond volume once in an hour. So if you have a 250 gallon pond you will need at the bare minimum a 250 GPH pond. Up-sizing is recommended to allow for loss from height, friction, etc.
  • How long is the power cord? Will it reach your GFCI?
  • How much will it cost to run the pump each month? You can figure this out by using your price per kilowatt hour. Plug it into this formula: Watts of pump x 24 hours x 30 days / 1,000 = kilowatts per month x cost per kilowatt = total monthly investment in a pond pump.
  • Does the pump have built-in flow control?
  • What kind of warranty does the pump have? The longer the better.

Shinmaywa Direct Drive Pond PumpOne of our favorite direct drive pump models is the Shinmaywa Norus Series pumps. They are built with high quality materials.. like a stainless steel housing instead of cheap plastic that easily breaks over time. Come with a 2 year warranty, and anti-creeping bearing. The bearings are important because bearings are the number 2 reason for pumps failure that we see.

Another thing to keep in mind is the direct drive pond pumps are submersible. Which means they are designed for water features and made to be installed in pond skimmers, or pond-less waterfall basins. If you need a pump with huge flow and want easy access you may want to checkout an external pond pump. They are generally very high flow capable, and energy efficient. The only downfall is that they need to be installed outside of the pond usually above the water level.

Keep in mind your pond filter and waterfall and stream size when selecing a direct drive pond pump. They may sway your decision to a different size or model.

But, when in doubt buy the best pond pump you can afford for extra peace of mind and enjoyment.