How to Choose the Correct Pond Pump

Posted by Administrator on 12/1/2012 to Pond Pumps

How to Choose the Correct Pond Pump

While in some rare cases a pond pump is not a requirement.. when no fish are in the water feature.. pond pumps are needed if you want to add some relaxing looks and sounds, or need it for filtration.

In backyard man-made ponds a key thing to keep in mind is that stagnant water that is not moving will become a breeding place for mosquitoes if you live in an area where they live. This is a common myth that all ponds and lakes breed mosquitoes, but really if water is moving around at a good pace it is very hard for this to happen.

If you plan on hooking up a pond filter to your water feature you will need a pump. The water flow is essential for beneficial bacteria growth in the water to allow the natural cycle to take place of a bio filter.

Adding a pump to a fountain or spraying garden feature can also make a space come alive. There is something magical about the sound of water. :)

Pump Head Height and Flow

But, no matter what type of water feature you are planning on adding to your landscape you want to make sure the pump you select is the correct size. Because if you choose a pump that does not have enough flow it might not "turn the pond water over" which basically means that compared to the water in gallons in the feature and how many gallons per hour of it goes through the pump. Can also be known as "turnover rate".

Also keep in mind the vertical height that you are going up from where the pump will be located. *Tip.. not ground level.. where the pump sits.. so this can be below grade (ground level) when in pond skimmers. This vertical height you are going up is known as head height.

As you go higher in elevation the flow goes lower, and then will actually shut off at a certain height. Pond manufactures will usually list these specs to take the guess work out of it.

The last main items to keep in mind are warranties and brands. Buying a cheap pond pump with cheap parts is a recipe for pump failure. As for the warranty.. the longer it is the more the company is confident and willing to stand behind its product. So if they will not warranty it more than 30 days.. you can be sure it won't last long.

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If your new to the pond hobby this can be overwelhming, and your always welcome to contact me with any questions.