How to Install Pond Underlayment

Posted by Administrator on 12/3/2012 to Pond Underlayment

Pond Underlayment Installation

Pond Underlayment Installation

When your ready to place your pond liner you will first want to install your pond underlayment. This is a feltlike material that is needle punched and it's main purpose is to help prevent punctures from things like small stones, tree roots, etc.

Its is pretty inexpensive, and can be purchased in square-feet sheets or also by the roll. Another use that I have mentioned before is using it as a rock pad on top of liner to pad the liner for rock placement.

To install simpy cut a peice to size, and lay it over the water feature excavation, and just drop it in. It doesn't matter what side is installed up or down. Tip* It is much easier to install with two people. Having the extra set of hands will help lift above the excavation and drop in place. Where with one person you would most likely be dragging it in. When you do this you rish pulling debris, rocks into the excavation that could cause punctures. You will most likely also want help installing the pond liner, so it makes sense to have the help with the underlayment as well.

Once dropped into place stand in the center of the pond try and work the material to the outside. The goal is to make it lay as flat as possible with no wrinkles.

During my first install I realized that this is impossible to get to lay without wrinkles. The trick is the pleat the material where natural to do so.

If you are using multiple peices/sheets you can use some duct tape to hold everything together. I have found that sheets can shift while placing pond liner.. so this does help. *Tip - When walking on pond liner you can also tape pond underlayment around your boots so no mud/rocks that are stuck on the bottom damage the liner.

At thats all there is to installing pond underlayment. Any questions feel free to contact me.