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    LaMotte Test Kits - Fresh & Saltwater

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    LaMotte Test Kits for Saltwater & Freshwater

    You can use Lamotte test kits for a cheap, accurate, and simple way of testing salt and fresh water. Available in individual test kits, or combination kits. The individual test kits come with reagent that should last you 50 tests. The combination kits include the popular water tests. The six test combination kit is for nitrite, ammonia, hardness, chloride, alkalinity, and carbon dioxide. The nine combination kit will have the pH, nitrite, chloride, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, hardness, dissolved oxygen, and temperature tests in it.

    Lamotte 6 Water Test Kit

    6 Combo Test Kit

    Lamotte 9 Water Test Kit

    9 Combo Test Kit

    • Includes: Chloride, Nitrite, Hardness, Alkalinity, Carbon Dioxide, and Ammonia tests
    • Part: L363402
    • Includes: Chloride, Nitrite, Hardness, Alkalinity, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, pH, Temperature, and Dissolved Oxygen tests
    • Part: L363302

    Individual LaMotte Water Testing Kits



    Test Time

    Part Number

    LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit 0-200 PPM 2 Min. L4491
    LaMotte pH Test Kit 5-10 PPM 2 Min. L3353
    LaMotte Nitrite Test Kit .05-.08 PPM 5 Mins. L3352
    LaMotte Iron Test Kit 0-10 PPM 2 Mins. L7787
    LaMotte Hardness Test Kit 0-200 PPM 2 Mins. L4482
    LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit 0-10 PPM 4 Mins. L5860



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