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    Liquid Barley Straw Extract - Davin Paul Designs

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    Liquid Barley Straw Extract for Ponds

    Davin Paul Designs liquid barley straw extract in 16oz and 128oz sizes.

    Benefits of Barley Straw Extract for Ponds:

    • Liquid Barley Extract is a safe, eco friendly way to keep your pond water looking crystal clear
    • Barley in straw form needs 4-6 weeks to ferment and become barley extract to start working, so Davin Paul Designs developed a SUPER Liquid Barley Extract water treatment to help manage pristine water conditions without having to wait for the straw to ferment.
    • This pond barley is the worlds first pharmaceutical grade barley straw pond extract!
    • Other barley water treatments on the market usually use a ratio of 1:5 (water to barley straw) and these are the better ones. Others can be an even weaker formula. Davin Paul Designs® super liquid barley extract is five times stronger by being formulated with a 1:1 ratio (water to barley straw).
    • This one part barley straw and one part water ratio is not just old soaked barley straw. Uses a pharmaceutical grade extraction process that was developed specifically for ponds.
    • The unique formulation of this process forms the best full spectrum of concentrated barley straw phytochemical extracts that is currently available for ponds and water gardens!
    • Why not use a cheaper barely straw bale or pellets? Good question! By using the Barley extract you can take advantage of its super powerful balancing and degrading power of the all natural barely straw and not get the excess nutrients that will follow when you use barley bales or barley pellets.
    • The liquid barley extract will naturally reduce build-up in pond problem areas.
    • Liquid barley straw extract size 16oz treats 16,000 gallons of pond water.
    • Liquid barley straw extract size 128oz treats 128,000 gallons of pond water. (1oz per 1,000 gallons of pond water)

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