Look At Your Site Design Before Choosing a Water Feature

Posted by Administrator on 4/25/2012 to General Information

Your Site Will Determine the Water Features Design

When you start off with a water feature you may have some preconceived notions and personal preferences that can easily get in the way of an appropriate design.

You really need to study your landscape and find the right water feature to match the landscape. Frank Loyd Wright and falling waters comes to mind as Frank was way before his time and legend.

But, all too often a designer or homeowner will see a water feature and force it into a space when it doesn't fit the location.

So, step one is find out what feature would look the best in the space. Whether it's a clean formal design, or a natural looking informal water feature.

A Big Water Feature is Good, But Correct Scale is Better

While it is true that bigger water features are easier to take care of and more enjoyable, it needs to be to scale. If you have a very large space and put in a small pond in the middle it will look un-natural. The more in proportion the space to the size of the water feature the better.

Also, the bigger the feature gets the more that will be needed for pond filtration, pumps, liner, etc.

So, before you start your water feature look at your backyard, or landscape and think about the type of design (formal or informal), size, location of feature on site, and cost first before you get going and you will have a better looking and functioning water feature in the end that you can enjoy for years!

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