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    Microbe-Lift Bio Enzymes & Blue Pond Colorant

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    8 oz. Enzymes & Blue Pond Colorant [+$15.92]
    16 oz. Enzymes & Blue Pond Colorant [+$23.82]
    1 Gallon Enzymes & Blue Pond Colorant [+$59.95]

    Microbe-Lift Bio Enzymes & Pond Colorant

    Bio-Blue Enzymes and Pond Colorant

    • Specially formulated to color lakes, lagoons, decorative ponds, fountain, and water features a beautiful shade of blue
    • Will not stain birds, fish, pond rocks, or most concrete fountains once diluted
    • Enzymes assist beneficial bacteria in your pond create a healthy environment




    Application Size


    8 oz.MLBB84,000 GallonsUse 1/2 oz. Per 250 Gallon Pond$15.95
    16 oz.MLBB168,000 GallonsUse 1 oz. Per 500 Gallon Pond$23.83
    GallonMLBBG464.000 GallonsUse 2 oz. Oer 1,000 Gallon Pond$59.95


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