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    Microbe-Lift Water Clarifiers (Liquid)

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    32 oz. Microbe-Lift PL Water Clarifier [+$34.95]
    1 Gallon Microbe-Lift PL Water Clarifier [+$89.95]

    Microbe-Lift Water Clarifiers (Liquid)

    Ponds and Lagoons Vegetative Cultures

    • Contains photosynthetic bacteria
    • Creates a cleaner environment for your pond
    • Improves fish health, growth and longevity
    • Promotes cycling of pond including nitrate elimination
    • Reduces cloudy water
    • Dissolves away organic sludge
    • Seeds and maintains biological filter
    • Safe for wildlife and pets that may drink out of the pond

    32 oz. Water Clarifier

    Gallon Water Clarifier

    Application Rates

    • Treats 500 gallon pond - 11 months
    • Treats 1,000 gallon pond - 8 months
    • Treats 5,000 gallon pond - 21 months

    Microbe-Lift Bacteria Comparison Video:

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