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Multi-Vent Underliner System

Multi-Vent Pond Underliner System

The Mulit-Vent pond underliner system is a innovative, cost effective and patented system that is made to stop damage to pond liner, and lagoon liners from water accumulation or methane gas.

Mulit-Vent is basically a set of tubes that are perforated (hole punched) that goes under the pond liner. To prevent plugging the tube system is covered in non woven geo-textile fabric similar to pond underlayment. Mulit-Vent is simple to install and is a cost effectinve easy solution to not have problems down the road. Simply lay down a strip of Muli-Vent during the pond liner, or lagoon liner installation and then proceed with the install. No cutting the liner like other systems.

You would not think that pressure build up could actually cause your liner to float to the top of the pond.. but it has and does happen. With this pond underliner system the gases will simply rise into the tubes.. and then through the holes and travel to the outside of the water feature where is can escape without damaging the liner. Think of the cost of fixing a water feature.. the Muli-Vent underliner system for ponds will provide peace of mind knowing you did the job right.