New Helix Pond Skimmer Has Arrived!

Posted by Administrator on 4/7/2012 to General Information

The New Helix Pond Skimmer Has Arrived!

I got the new Helix pond skimmer in yesterday and VERY excited about it. This skimmer solves allot of the shortcomings of skimmers of the past.
Helix Pond Skimmer by Pond Digger

With old pond skimmers you had four issues that this one solves easily.

Solves the Frog and Pond Pump Affair

With water gardens that have no fish the main issue I would run into was frogs getting into the skimmer and getting sucked in the water garden pump. This would clog up with pump and decrease the life of it.

So I came up with some ways to block the frogs from entering using a plastic grating. Which worked, but not something you want to worry about when you drop so much money on a skimmer.

The Helix has a design where the plate blocks everything from getting to the pump unless it goes through the 1/8" holes in the floating basket. This makes channeling non-exsistent and stops any frogs or debris in a water garden from getting into the pump.

Also Helps Keep Fish From Getting Sucked Into the Skimmer

Now the other side of this is Koi ponds. For some reason some koi fish seem to love swimming into pond skimmers. There are ways to keep them out with filter brushes, etc. But the Helix solves this without addtional work as well. By using an air chamber built into the basket it floats along the top of the water and sucks all the pond debris in that way. Doing this makes it really tough for a fish to swim in the basket. It is possible, but allot less likely then a traditional koi pond skimmer.

Using the floating basket also allows you to run whatever water level you want in your pond. Although you will want to set it at the upper range.

Another chore that is dreaded by water feature owners is having to lift out that nasty skimmer filter pad. That always seems to gum up and end up channeling anyway. The Helix skimmer comes with or without a filter pad. I am testing without on this pond and will let you know how it goes. Hoping it will stop my pond customers from having to deal with scum mat.

Cons of the Helix Pond Skimmer

The one thing I noticed about the skimmer off the bat is that it has a flat area on the back of it to drill in your own bulkhead fitting (which some people may not enjoy). While I like that I can position the bulkhead fitting anywhere in that area.. it is kinda low compared to most skimmers.

This doesnt cause any issues aside from having to dig a deep trench to run the plumbing lower than normal. In some applications you may just want to run a 90 degree fitting off the back of it if your pump head specs will allow it.

More Testing to Come

I will post more updates on the blog as I finish the pond and put the helix pond skimmer through its paces. You can also order the Helix pond skimmer directly through us! And I will be posting the info shortly on the main product pages. Here a pic of the current status:

Installing Helix Pond Skimmer

Buy Helix Pond Skimmers

Features of Helix Pond Skimmers:

  • Dimensions - 19” Wide x 35” Tall x 18” Long
  • 1500-8000 GPH Water flow ranges
  • 15" Weir, 12" wide opening
  • Fish safe design
  • Can use a submersible or external pump
  • Engineered with tough rotational molded HDPE material


  • Large debris collection basket
  • Separation Plate
  • Floating Weir - 15"
  • 2" Bullkhead
  • 2" Male pipe fitting
  • Stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical faceplate attachment

Also sold separtely for the Helix pond skimmers:

  • Fitted BLUE Matala Pad
  • Fitted GREEN Matala Pad
  • Helix Overflow Kit
  • Helix Auto-Fill Kit

If you would like to purchase the skimmer with accessories go the the Helix Pond Skimmer product page and add options from the drop down.