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    Nourish-L - Liquid Certified Organic

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    16 oz. Nourish-L [+$24.94]
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    Nourish-L: Carbon & Mineral Enhancement

    Microbe Life Nourish-L organic liquid is made for aquaponic and hydroponics. Nourish-L is certified to provide assistance in mineral and carbon water improvement technology.

    Includes bio available organic carbon, natural humus, essential elements and minerals.

    What Microbe Life Natural-L does:

    • Designed to specifically supplement water carbon, mineral and also essential element requirements that are required to optimize and support aquaponic and hydroponics processes that occur in soil less media.
    • Optimizes plant functions and enhances water values.
    • Microbe Lift Nourish-L can be used with all other inputs.

    Choose from 3 sizes:

    • 16 oz. Microbe Life Natural-L
    • 32 oz. Microbe Life Natural-L
    • 1 Gallon Microbe Life Natural-L

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