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    Pond Armor - EasyPro Epoxy Pond Shield

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    Pond Armor / Pond Shield Epoxy Liner

    This epoxy works great if you need to seal a concrete pool, fountain, ponds, and other water feautres. It provides a water proof seal like pond liner, but without wrinkles or folds.

    Pond Shield is a non-toxic specialized two part epoxy system for the pond industry. It can be used on any type of water feature including koi ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and water gardens. Perfect for formal water features where you don't want to cover up the concrete work with pond liner.

    The epoxy Pond Shield system is safe for plants and fish (non-toxic). Being non-toxic also helps for shipping costs in that you do not have to pay for special HAZMAT shipping. It has great coverage and with many applications you can get away with only one coat and have proper coverage. Once complete the great thing is that Pond Shield will give you a low to no maintanence liner.

    Pond Armor gives you flexibility and strength in each coating. They test Pond Shield to temperatures from -78 F to 140 F so you can be sure the liner will hold up in extreme conditions. Pond Armor designed Pond Shield to bond with porous and abraded material. And when they tested the internal strength (tensile bond) it was actually stronger then the concrete it was installed on! Which goes to show you it will stick to when you apply it.

    In due time motar, concrete, and grout joint are bound to get hairline cracks. If you didn't have Pond Shield on the concrete you would then have a leak. But, with Pond Shield it is flexible and will resist cracking. If there are some areas that are prone to cracking you may want to reinforce the epoxy with fiberglass mat or tape. This will act as a filler when mixed with collidal silica of micro fibers.

    Another benefit Pond Armor put into this product is not having to use primers or thinners like you would with similar products on the market.

    The cost breaks down to only $1.24 per sq. ft. and you get the peace of mind of not having to deal with and look at ugly pond liner folds/creases and makes cleaning your water feature a breeze!

    Features of Pond Armor's Pond Shield Epoxy System:

    • 1.5 Quart kit of Pond Shield yields 60 sq. feet at 10 mils thick on a smooth surface
    • PVC & ABS - Can be applied to PVC and ABS plastic. Just use 60 grit sandpaper and rough up the area, wipe clean, and apply a PVC primer. After a minute or two apply Pond Shield
    • Easy Application - Easy brush or roll on application without any special expensive equipment needed
    • Flexibility -Stays flexible from -78° F to 140° F
    • Durability - Pond Armor Pond Shield will bond to its substrate and not just cover it for long life and easier maintenance and repairs
    • Makes your water feature look better giving you a choice in color with no folds or wrinkles
    • Pond fish and plant safe
    • Can be applied to: cement, concrete, gunnite, shotcrete, stone, tile, wood, rock, aluminum, steel, old coating properly prepped, some plastics, and more
    • Only one coat needed

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