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    Pond Bottom Drain 3" Outlet + Air Diffuser - BDA

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    3" Pond Bottom Drain With Air Diffuser- EasyPro

    If you are looking for a way to improve solids removal and to prevent stratification than adding a EasyPro bottom drain to your pond is the answer. The EasyPro Bottom drains are designed to be simple to install and include everything you need for a water tight penetration in your pond liner.

    Easy Pro bottom drains with air diffusers greatly increase self-cleaning action. Air bubbles will rise in the pond water and then dirty water will be pulled toward into the bottom drain.

    EasyPro BDA Bottom Drain w/ Air Diffuser Features:

    • Includes air diffuser in the lid, and by using air it increases circulation and cleaning of your pond
    • Includes 6 stainless steel screws (corrosion resistant) and dual rubber gaskets for water tight penetration in pond liner
    • Installs with 3" schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings

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