Where to Locate Pond Aeration During Winter

Posted by Administrator on 11/15/2012 to General Information
If your wondering where to place your pond aeration air line tubing/bubbler to avoid "super cooling" I can explain.

Want a Bog Garden?

Posted by Administrator on 6/5/2012 to General Information
A bog garden doesn't exactly sound too appealing as part of a pond does it?  Well it actually can be and let dig into a bit more...

EasyPro Axiom Skimmer Listed in Product Area

Posted by Administrator on 4/11/2012 to General Information

Check out the new pond skimmer lineup from EasyPro that combines bio media filtration with the mechanical filtration of a regular skimmer.

New Helix Pond Skimmer Has Arrived!

Posted by Administrator on 4/7/2012 to General Information

I got the new Helix pond skimmer in yesterday and VERY excited about it. This skimmer solves allot of the shortcomings of skimmers of the past.

The 3 Pond Filtration Methods

Posted by Administrator on 5/13/2011 to Pond Filtration

Properly designed water gardens with good filtration have beautiful, crystal clear water that is easy to maintain. There are three main types of filtration used in pond filters:

What is a Pond Biological Filter?

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2011 to Pond Filtration

Pond Biological Filter – When browsing our site you may run across this term and to a new DIY pond builder it can be confusing. Without getting too technical, in simple terms a biological pond filter is a filter that is designed for beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria are important because they help break down fish waste and other pond debris that cause harmful ammonia levels in your pond.