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Pond Monsta Vacuum Cleaning System
Pond Monsta Vacuum Cleaning System
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Need a Pond Vacuum? Checkout the Pond Monsta!

At last a pond cleaning system that actually does what it is suppose to! Pond Monsta pond vacuums can be used continuously and they work up to 4 times quicker than other pond vacuums. Plus other pond vacuums need to be constantly emptied.. but not the Pond Monsta!

Debris such as leaves will get pulled into the system and put into the debris basket. You can even recycle the pond water back into the pond if the pond sludge is not too high. So no need for new water being pumped in as you clean which could harm fish. If the sludge is too much for recycling you can put it on flower beds, lawns, etc for nutrient rich water plants love!

Pond Monsta Vacuum Features:

  • Motor - 115v, 350 watts with a 40' long power cord
  • Has a remote control on/off power button that is integrated into the handle
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • More quiet than other pond vacuums since the vacuum motor is underwater
  • Extra impeller included with every Pond Monsta
  • Vaccum Head is submersible
  • Discharge Hose - 20'
  • Telescoping Aluminum Handle - 7'
  • Basket for debris collection
  • Suction hose - 16'
  • Discharge hose - 8'
  • Power cord - 16' for ease of movement around pond

To see what others are saying about the Pond Monsta checkout the Pond Monsta Review page.

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