Pond Pump Information

Posted by Administrator on 12/2/2012 to Pond Pumps

Some Pond Pump Information

Your pond pump is basically like the heart of your body. If your heart stops your body stops working and the same is true with pumps. If the pump stops your water feature no longer is filtering properly and will not function properly and decay. Even a pondless waterfall or stream should stay running for extra protection and everything keeps fresh.

When choosing the right pond pump it can be tempting to go with a better deal and make your selection on price alone. But, this is one of those things that you usually pay for what you get.. and a cheaper pond pump will not have the quality as a Shinmaywa pump would. They don't have the same build quality.. where Shinmaywa pumps have high quality stainless steel that is durable and doesnt rust.. some cheap pumps use plastic.

The problem with plastic is that is weakens over time. I have actually taken a pump out of pond skimmer by the handle and just the weight of the pump caused the pump housing to break.

Pond Pump Installation:

Pond Pump Information for Electrical Install

Installation of the water feature electrical system should be taken seriously. I have seen some installations where homeowners had a backyard pond and simply ran a extension cord from the power outlet on the home to the pond pump. The problem with doing this in a permanent installation is that it causes fluctuation in voltage and can damage the pump.

I would recommend getting a qualified electrician to install a GFCI power outlet near the pond pumps location so you can plug the pumps power cord directly into the proper outlet. It should be a GFCI ( ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet since it is outdoors. This will ensure that if any electrical device plugged into the outlet fails and is exposed to the water the circuit will break and power will be shut off. This is important for human saftey and I recommend checking with your local codes on how conduit needs to be buried, etc.

Pond Pump Info Summary:

Arming yourself with pond pump information and selecting the proper high quality pump will save you headaches in the long run and if anything does come up you will have a company that is willing to help you and back up its product. Ensure proper installation by working with a qualitfied electrician and location a GFCI near where the pump will be installed, and enjoy!