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    120 Watt Floating Pondmaster Deicer

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    Pondmaster 120 Watt Floating Pond Deicer

    The 120 watt Pondmaster floating pond deicer is very energy efficient. It features epoxy sealed internal parts that will give you added protection. And it is made with ABS plastic that is durable for long lasting koi fish protection.

    Power is thermostatically controlled to save you money on electrical costs by only turning on when temps drop below a set point. This also helps the pond deicer last longer by not running non-stop.

    The floating Pondmaster deicer keeps a hole open in the ice during winter and allows gases to escape that could otherwise harm your koi fish. The gases are caused by dead algae, fish waster, decomposing leaves, etc.. that could end up killing fish.

    Specs of Pondmaster PFD120 Floating Deicer:

    • 18' Power Cord
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Weight 3 Lbs.
    • Thermostatically controlled power
    • Safe for all ponds, koi ponds, and water gardens

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