Ponds For Sale! Everything You Need in One Easy Kit

Posted by Administrator on 10/10/2012 to General Information
Pond kits for sale

Pond Kits for Sale - Complete All-in-One

When looking for a pond for sale in kit form there are many things to consider and to create a healthy water feature with minimal maintenance it is important to understand the inner workings of a pond ecosystem.

The ecosytem in a pond is made up of microorganisms like algae and bacteria, as well as fish and aquatic plants. They all work together in the nitrogen cycle. This cycle is what determines the health of the water and it's inhabitants.

In the nitrogen cycle it converts dangerous chemical elements into harmless and beneficial elements. Pond debris and fish waste will build up ammonia which can kill fish.

This is where beneficial bacteria come into play breaking down the fish waste and debris.

But without getting really techincal.. the key to the ecosystem is keeping it balanced.

Other Components You Would See in Ponds For Sale:

  • Biological Filters - These filters provide surface area where the beneficial bacteria can grow. Lining your pond with a gravel bottom also helps provide surface areas. Be careful when rinsing out biofilters to use pond water with a pump instead of hose water. The water in your hose may contain chlorine and can kill of the bacteria that you worked so hard to build up.
  • Mechanical Filters - Filters that remove leaves and floating debris from sinking to the bottom and creating ammonia/algae. Depending on the location and time of year it may need daily emptying of the skimmer basket to keep the flow to the pump going strong. If left uncleaned it can clog up and the pond pump will start to pull in more water than is available and start sucking in air. Once its starts sucking in air it can damage the pump very quickly.
  • Pumps - Circulate water through the bio filter and mechanical filter to help promote a healthy ecosystem. Aim for a pump large enough to circulate the entire volume of water in the pond once an hour.
  • Liner - 45 Mil EPDM liner is the standard currently and what most pond merchants sell.
  • Water Treatments - These help jump start the ecosystem.
  • Pipe/Tubing - You want flexible PVC tubing over kink free tubing for a more durable and weather resistant pipe.
  • Fish - You need to add these, but keep numbers low unless your filter can handle it. Overstocking ponds are one of the common problems causing algae.
  • Plants - You need to add these as well. But, they will help do the work of keeping your water clear and healthy by taking up nitrates. Plants will also add oxygen to water. The only thing to keep an eye on is invasive plants that can take over if not trimmed back. Also, some plants have roots that can damage pond liner, so be careful what you plant.

When evaluating different kits on the market also look at the warranties. Our Davin Paul Designs pond kits come with some the best warranties, and most of the parts are made in the USA!

We have a variety of sized ponds for sale and can customize a kit to whatever you need. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Happy Ponding!