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Savio Skimmerfilter ® Dramatically Reduces Pond Maintenance

Savio skimmers are some of the best pond skimmers on the market. Especially the Savio Skimmerfilter. They have a reputation of being one of the toughest water feature product while at the same time blending easly into your landscape for a natural look.

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Savio Skimmerfilter Base Unit & 8.5
Savio Skimmerfilter Base Unit & 8.5" Faceplate Assembly
Your Price: $469.97
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Savio Skimmerfilter Base Unit & 16
Savio Skimmerfilter Base Unit & 16" Faceplate Assembly
Your Price: $499.97
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Savio Skimmerfilter Base Unit
Savio Skimmerfilter Base Unit
Your Price: $431.63
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8.5" Skimmerfilter Faceplate
Your Price: $46.59
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16" Skimmerfilter Faceplate
Your Price: $76.96
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Compact Skimmerfilter Base Unit 6
Compact Skimmerfilter Base Unit 6" Faceplate Assembly
Your Price: $339.73
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Compact Skimmerfilter Base Unit 8.5
Compact Skimmerfilter Base Unit 8.5" Faceplate Assembly
Your Price: $339.73
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Compact Skimmerfilter Base Unit
Compact Skimmerfilter Base Unit
Your Price: $310.59
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6" Compact Skimmerfilter Faceplate
Your Price: $37.14
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8.5" Compact Skimmerfilter Faceplate
Your Price: $45.01
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How the Savio Skimmer Filters Work

These pond skimmers use a all-in-one method of combining filtration. Allowing for easier installation and less plumbing. Saving you money and more importantly time.

Mechanical Filtration - The Savio Skimmerfilter will help protect and extend the life span of your pond pump. It does this by sucking in floating pond debris and capturing it in a leaf basket.

Biological Filtration - To help the ponds ecosystem convert biological waste the skimmers have filter media that gives a surface area for beneficial bacteria.

UV Filtration - Savio skimmers are the only pond skimmers in the industry that have a patented UV system that is integrated into the Savio skimmer. This gives you a chemical free, safe way to eliminate green pond water. (sold separately)

Design Features of the Savio Skimmerfilter

The Savio Skimmerfilter is designed with very durable injection molding that is in a circular shape. This design versus a square skimmer box helps resist compaction and warping.

Savio engineered the skimmers for a large pump housing to allow different pump options. In fact the SS0000 is big enough for a single large pump, or two medium pumps. Even the Savio compact skimmer has more space than a average skimmer.

You can also adjust the faceplate to fine tune your flow for just about any pump.

FAQ's of the Savio Skimmer Filter

Can I add a Skimmerfilter to a pond I already have built?

Yes. The Savio pond skimmers can be installed in a new, or existing water feature. With the built in long neck it makes it easy to install on existing ponds. Same goes for the Savio compact skimmers.

My Skimmerfilters faceplate seems to be leaking?

Faceplates on the Skimmerfilter requires compression that seals it to the pond liner. Check the screws and make sure they are tight and pretty snug. Note, do not use a drill on the screws and do this by hand to avoid stripping the screws.

If this doesn't fix the problem drain your pond down about 6 to 8 inches and remove the savio faceplate. Clean any debris, mud, or gravel that may have gotten into it and smooth our and wrinkles in the liner and put the faceplate back on. This should do the trick.

My SkimmerFilter pad gets dirty a lot and I have to keep cleaning it?

Usually this happens when you have too much organic debris in the pond, or it could also be that you are using too large of a flow rate. If you have flow rates that are 5,000 gph or higher Savio suggests removing the filter pad and adding a Savio Livingponds filter to take care of your biological filtration.

The Skimmerfilter becomes dry while the pump is running.. Why would this be?

There are three potential causes that could be happening.

  1. You could have a low water level. Check to make sure it's between 3/4" below or above the optimal water mark on the Skimmerfilter faceplate.
  2. The skimmer weir door could be stuck, closed, or obstructed by some pond debris
  3. The weir you are using is not big enough for your pump flow rate. If that is the case you will need to install a smaller pump, reduce the pump flow, or you can also use a bigger faceplate that allows more water in faster.

Warranty Information

Savio Engineering, Inc. backs up the SkimmerFilter Skimmers with a limited warranty of 5 years. This starts from the original purchase date not installation.

The warranty will not cover improper usage, handling, or installation. And they may decide to repair the skimmer instead of replacing it.

For warranty claims: Savio SkimmerFilter Warranty Claims

Savio SkimmerFilter Manual - PDF

Here is a link to the Savio Skimmer filter manual.

Skimmerfilter Manual PDF

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