Tips When Searching for Water Garden Supplies

Posted by Brenda on 2/27/2013 to Water Garden Supplies
Choosing Water Garden Supplies

A Few Things to Consider When Choosing Water Garden Supplies

While searching through water garden supplies for building a water garden there are some things you need to consider.

The first thing you need to figure out is the amount of money that you want to spend. has water garden products to fit any budget whether large, or small. After that you should factor in the size depending on how much space you have. While still in your price range. Usually the larger the feature the more expensive it will be. So, if you are on a limited budget look at the smaller water gardens.

If you decide to purchase a water garden kit all of the necessary equipment comes included. A pump and a filter that work together and use a skimmer to capture floating debris. The pond bio filter will increase the chances that your water garden will be a healthy one, especially if you decide you would like to add some Koi fish later on.

Some people like to add a waterfall to their water garden to make them more enjoyable to look at and to hear the relaxing sounds of the slashing water. Pressurized waterfall filters can work great for smaller water gardens. They can be buried so that are not noticeable. And, most have a back flush system which cuts down on cleaning. By simply turning a knob by the waterfall in most cases.

A couple of water gardening supplies that do not come with a kit and are recommended especially if you decide to have fish are a pond air pump & a pond UV light. Both of these help cut down on suspended algae. The air pump also provides oxygen and an opening in the winter for gases to escape.

Koi ponds are usually a little tougher to maintain than water gardens, but can be very rewarding. Make sure you have a large enough pond though, because some Koi can get up to two feet long. They are beautiful fish and you can have them eating out of your hand with a little training.

For those evening nights when you are sitting by your pond you can add underwater lights. This adds beauty and you can watch your Koi swim around in the evening hours.