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    Atlantic Triton 1½" - 2" Check Valve

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    Atlantic Triton 1½" - 2" Check Valve

    The 1½" - 2" Atlantic Triton check valve is designed specially for the water feature industry and is one of a kind! Atlantic Water Gardens engineered the Triton check valve with a swing style, with a 2" socket union located on the inlet side, and 1-1/2" sockect unions on the outler side. Designed with a 90 ° elbow that is molded in a compact design for more room when installing direct drive water pumps. Triton brings you innocations and simplicity!

    Features of the Triton 1½" - 2" Check Valve:

    • "Perfect cut" dimensions to spot the right lengths for Atlantic Water Gardens products and 1" increments on the reverse side for cut to fit application
    • Will work with any 1-1/2" and 2" pump outlets
    • Max assembly height is 17" measured from pump discharge to center of outlet pipe
    • Easily extended to any length by using 2" schedule 40 pipe fittings
    • Dimensions of Valve: 5⅝" L x 3½" x 10" H
    • Outlet: 1-1/2" or 2" Sch 40 Pipe
    • Inlet is 1½" or 2" MIPT
    • Pipe Dimensions are 11⅞" L x 2⅝" w
    • 2" socket for inlet
    • Comes with 2" triton check valve and unions, 1-1/2" outlet fitting, and also discharge pipe
    • Model#: TR215CV

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