Use Pond Underlayment With Waterfall & Rainwater Harvesting Basins

Posted by Administrator on 12/13/2012 to Pond Underlayment

Basin Using Pond Underlayment

Using Pond Underlayment in Waterfall & Rainwater Basins

In prior articles I have talked about using pond underlayment fabric in water gardens, and koi ponds. This article will discuss using underlayment in pond-free waterfalls and rainwater harvesting basins.

Both are pretty similar installations.

Dig out your basin. Small basins can be done by hand, but when dealing with larger basins you may want to use a machine.

Once the basin is shaped place in your pond underlayment. Just like ponds that are below ground level it will allow gases to escape and also provide some protection to the pond liner from sharp objects. It does not matter what side is up or down. Each side looks a little different and that is caused by needle punching during manufacturing.

Now that the underlayment is down you can install the pond liner and water storage cubes. If your installing a rainwater harvesting system your basin will likely be quite a bit larger than just a dissapearing waterfall.

Once the Eco Blox are in place you can then fold the excess pond liner on top of the water storeage cubes and also place pond underlayment on top. This will allow you to lay down gravel and it will not fall through the cubes. Once your layer of gravel is done, pumps installed and rest of water feature is finished.. you are ready to go.

Installing the basins is pretty easy. The hardest part is really the excavation. Once thats complete, pond underlayment and liner installed, cubes, pump and plumbing, layer of gravel.. and you are ready to go.