Want a Bog Garden?

Posted by Administrator on 6/5/2012 to General Information

A Bog Garden as Part of a Pond

Say what? A bog in your garden or pond? The bog is probably the most overlooked of all the possible water features. But, if you like wetland plants and want to be able to grow unusuallly beatiful plants (and who doesn't like to have awesome plants no one else has) that cannot be cultivated any other way, or say you have a naturally boggy spot in your landscape, then a bog garden may be just the thing.

When building a bog garden you would use the same process as building a natural pool. Using a pond liner to provide a continous moist soil. You can build it to be a stand alone feature with no pond pump or any equipment, or part of a natural pool or pond where pond water would flow into it helping filtration.

If your considering a bog garden you should take the same precations as a natural pool. Give it a natural layout with a non-formal setting.

So to sum it up, if your landscape is informal and you would like to cultivate exotic wetland plants a bog will be a great choice. You can also use bogs as a bio filter for ponds and more articles will be posted on this shortly.