Why Do You Want a Water Garden?

Posted by Administrator on 3/21/2012 to General Information

Hey guys,

I was talking to some fellow ponderers about how they got into water gardens. We came up with some really interesting stories.

Maybe you visited a botanical garden locally, or were at a pet store and a little koi fish caught your eye. Perhaps you were just looking to make your backyard look pretty and ended up with an entire yard of water! haha

My own short summary of how I got into ponds and water gardens: When I was a little kid my parents took us on trips to Michigan and Wisconsin to hike and see waterfalls. As I would stay at the edge of streams and waterfalls I would be magically sucked into them like a magnet. I just seemed to flow into the water myself..weird I know.

So then about 5-6 years ago I learned you can build water features in your backyard. And really putting in a water garden..wether its a small container pond, or a full blown koi pond isn’t that hard and you can start anywhere you want.

So I built a pond for my parents. Fell in love with it just like I did when I was a kid, and haven’t looked back!

What made you want to get into the water garden hobby? I would love to hear your story!