Why One Side of Pond Underlayment Looks Different - Needle Punching

Posted by Administrator on 10/4/2012 to Pond Underlayment

What Side of Your Pond Underlayment Goes Down?

Picture of Pond Underlayment With Needle PunchingSo if your like most people you have planned out your pond, marked out the area of your yard, got sweaty digging it all out, leveled out the shelves, planned out plant pockets for water garden plants, and now is the time to start laying the underlayment geo fabric and liner.

First make sure there are no sharp objects sticking out of the ground that would put a hole in the pond liner. Be extra catious here.. because things you may think are not dangerous could be when the pond is filled and there is massive amounts of pressure from the water in the feature.

Now for the answer you have been looking for.. it doesnt matter what side of the underlayment faces up against the pond liner! :)

During the manufacturing of the non-woven geotextile fabric the needle punching puts downward pressure on the material and creates a different texture. They use needle puching because it creates a strong bond that makes the pond underlayment more durable. But, all said and done both sides work just as good and your cannot go wrong either way.

Install the under lay with a slight overlay if you are laying down multiple peices in case it shifts during liner installation. You can also use some duct tape to secure the underlayment peices together to hold in place. Remember the old saying.. work smarter not harder.

Making sure that the underlayment is covering all the soil will also help allow it to act as drainage fabric. This way if some water gets trapped between the liner and soil it can drain properly and allow any gasses to escape.